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We are pleased to present to the public this new product that enriches our production of bamboo rods.This project was born several years ago and has remained in a drawer for a long time, only now we have been able to give shape and substance to that was a simple idea sketched in a sheet of paper.

The realization of a reel for fly fishing. A simple and sturdy reel, equipped with a drag suitable for light fishing. Built and assembled with the best materials suitable for the purpose and completely Made in Italy. Besides the technical and constructive aspect, what distinguishes it from the international scene is its very particular and captivating design that manages to combine the Hitech aspect but with an eye to the past.

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Technical description

  • Spool carcass, and / or all the anodized parts aluminum alloy Ergal 7075.
  • Pillars spacers, reel foot , crank handle and all locking screws in AISI 304. stainless steel.
  • Delrin drag disc.
  • Spool on roller bearing

Processing description

  • All parts have been designed with the help of 3D CAD (computer aided design) programs.
  • The turning and / or milling of the details was performed with high precision machinery one by one, taking care of the various project tolerances with extreme attention. This is to have perfect couplings.
  • All the components in Ergal have undergone an anodizing treatment with a depth of 35 microns and a subsequent coloring. This gave the parts both very strong weather resistance and a beautiful finish.
  • The various internal components that perform the drag function are also made of stainless material and lubricated with Long life lithium grease.
  • A cotton Gabardine bag and a four-color printed micro-wave cardboard box with the company logo complete the ensemble.
  • Rotating pillar guide.
  • Gentle click out of line.
  • Weighs 147 grams.
  • Diameter mm 72 .
  • Available on request, right or left.
  • Capacity: DT 4 + 40 meters of 20 lb backing
  • Two-year warranty on mechanical and structural defects

Being a limited production ask for immediate availability, delivery will also be guaranteed within 5 weeks from the order.

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