My idea and my goal was that to be able to build bamboo fly-fishing rods of high quality, without any compromise. I first started as a collector, in order to be able to study and to admire the rods of best rod makers, and then I put all myself into the realization of the tapers and all the various aspects related to their construction. Over the years, I have been able to produce a range of models covering all the different needs of trout fly fishing, trying to develop tackles dedicated to the most advanced angler.

I believe that the taper is the rod’s soul and it cannot be reduced to just a complex sequence of numbers or to a sticker on the rod’s handle. As a music lover, I think that the taper of a rod is like a musical score, where the notes that follow reflect a well-defined path in order to obtain a hopefully pleasant harmony. This is what the project of a new rod reflects for me.

This principle is based on a strong sense of balance, proportions and of course harmony in order to obtain performance worthy of a great result. It is obvious that, as any musical composition reflects the style of its composer, also the rod maker influences his own tapers according to his knowledge, to his casting and fishing style, in short to his own experiences. In each model proposed here, there is my way of feeling fly-fishing, using bamboo rods.

Each of the models I designed is the result of years of research and refinement along the European rivers. Each model stands out for its unique and specific character in each rod length. In fact, I have never believed in the existence of a universal taper capable of adapt to all lengths and powers used in trout fishing. Instead, I believe that each rod must have its specificity in relation to the use and the environment to which is destined.

I build my handmade rods since 1992, using Tonkin bamboo (Arundiraria Amabilis) of hexagonal section; each rod is assembled using the same bamboo culm, and the tips are thus identical according to mechanical characteristics and they have the same arrangement of knots. According to the request, I build both Honeytone and Browntone rods; most models have an elegant swell at the end of the handle, except the models with more parabolic action. The joints are SuperSwiss type, and in the three-piece rods is used the truncated version. The reel seats are my own creation and over time they have become a particularly distinctive of my rods. They are made of polished stainless steel and are sliding band or screw type. I prefer stainless steel for its strength and beauty and because it maintains these characteristics over the years. Another of my features is the flush screw placed at the bottom of the cup, firmly anchored to the rod. Several types of wood are used in the reel seats, ranging from olive burl walnut, to thuja and ebony, to match the rod’s finishes.

On request, fine inserts are available, such fossilized materials. Screw reel seats are mounted on the longer and more powerful rods.

Silk wraps are transparent and finished with a different color tip (I do not have a standard and I like to vary the combination of the colors of the silks). In agreement with the customer’s needs a series of different combinations can be chosen, always respecting the canons of elegance and sobriety. Intermediate wraps are available on request, as well as other customizations.

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