I was born and I live in Padua, in the North East of Italy just few miles away from Venice.

Since childhood, fishing has always been my passion and I practiced fly-fishing since the age of 18 years. I must say that this discipline has captured me since the beginning and got me involved with a lot of passion, always looking for new fishing, casting, travelling and fly tying experiences, and then putting all myself into the bamboo rods.

I am very lucky because I live in a region full of beautiful rivers, starting from the Alpine ones as the Brenta and the Piave and several of their tributaries (where our magnificent marble trout live), up to chalk stream of the province of Treviso where big browns swim. With a couple of hours by car I can also fish in the beautiful waters of the former Yugoslavia and Austria, places I frequent for many years and I deeply know.

My experience as an angler has led me from a young age to discover exotic new locations, in fact, I truly love saltwater fly-fishing and over the years I have had the chance to fish in wonderful tropical spots, as well as in our Adriatic sea.

I collaborated over the years with best Italian fly-fishing magazines, writing articles related to bamboo rods and the collecting.

Even if I was born as a fly angler in the “graphite era”, I had always been attracted by bamboo rods and by vintage equipment. In my early years, in fact, I was an avid collector of rods and reels by the most famous makers, both European and American, and this allowed me to reach out and touch the products built by the greatest artisans of the past.

My goal was to be able to build high quality bamboo rods that could approach those great works, mainly American as Leonard, Payne, Thomas, Garrison (to name a few) and those contemporaries who followed the steps of these great names.

I am proud because I did not have any teacher, apart some books that helped me in the early days.

In 1992 I managed to build my first rod and since then I made many progress, with the creation of my own style and a series of valued rod tapers. I have received many appreciations from those who are using my rods all over the world.

Rodmaking has always been a great passion for me, and now I have chosen to show my creations to a wider audience, thanks to more than twenty years of experience with few hundreds of rods built.

I thank you for entering my website and greet you with a motto stolen to a dear friend:

BGB : Bamboo Goes Better

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Fine handmade bamboo rods since 1992


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